Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pink Tabby Kitty Cats and Teddy Bears In My Etsy Shop

I am happy to announce I have new of the popular pink tabby mohair kitty cats,mini mohair bears and a sweet panda bear now available in my etsy shop.I tried to post pictures but for some reason blogger wont load them:(  If you would like to see pics of the gang they are available in my shop here  etsy shop  ****Update it seems blogger is fixed so I have added more photos below*~*also,these kitties and bears are in my etsy shop-not on ebay.....yet...The panda and the med two pink tabbies have been adopted   Thank you!~~Sharie


Bears kitty cats now on ebay

Popping in for a quick update:) I have listed the rest of my bears,kitty cats and the Pug dolly dog on ebay. You can visit ...