Friday, May 6, 2011

~~New Antique Style Siamese Kitty nearly Completed~~~

Hi everyone!~~~~I have been keeping this kitty a secret work in progress and am happy to announce she is nearly completed!The real kitty in the photo beneath her was my inspiration for this siamese kitty.She gives me a giggle everytime I look at her.don't we wish we could dress our kitties up like this lol.I was hoping to have her listed on ebay auction this evening but I just couldn't make it happen.It took almost all day to get her near completetion plus I was finishing the antique style bears in the pics on the bottom.Not too mention my fingers are all shades of colors from the dyes lol!I also had problems with the lighting being too bright for kitties photos,her coloring is a bit washed out.You can look for her auction on Sunday evening along with my etsy shop update with the mini antique style bears.Be back soon with the finished kitty/photos~~~~~Sharie


  1. Кошечка-необыкновенно хороша!

  2. She really is a beauty. Just wonderful work!


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