Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More bad luck~~Will it ever end?!*Update*Yes!

I have a wonderful update~~~~as of yesterday my kitty went to the bathroom on his own so I was able to cancel his vet apt. and get busy on my bears for the show!He also went today so I am just so relieved he wont have to go through anymore painful procedures.Also,my nephew will be going home shortly to be with his family before chemo so that was also nice to know.I also want to thank all the well wishes I recieved from your kind comments.I tried to reply to them all but blogger has been a bit buggy and wouldn't allow me to.~~~hugs!~~~Sharie~~~I haven't had a chance to post much lately because I have been so busy trying to get everything finished for the Blooming bear show.I am a bit behind because I am having bouts of bad luck again.Two weeks ago I found out that my niece's husband was diagnosed with stomache cancer and had to undergo surgery to remove his stomache completely.It was also discovered the cancer had spread to his liver and lymph nodes and will need chemo shortley.Then last week my kitty became sick with an impacted bowel.After three trips to the vet he had to be sedated and have the hardened feces removed.I was so happy and thought the problem was solved and I could get busy once again on the show bears......not!Today he started acting just like he did before his surgery so I am almost sure there is more hardened feces that will need to be removed.His appointment is for tommorow and of course that is the deadline to have all of our show bears listed!My stress level from 1-10 is at an 11!I know we all experience some bad luck but this is getting out of control.I'm going to have to go into overdrive to get these bears finished,photos taken, and kitty back to the vet all in one day!Maybe after this I will have some good luck~~~~I hope lol!Wish me luck~~~~~Sharie


  1. Sharie~ i don't know whats going on it seems my bad luck is mostly about lack of money right now... Thank goodness health is good in our family right now! I am so sorry to hear about more scary health issues, how can someone live without their stomach? Wow that makes my plight really nothing at all. My positive thoughts and well wishes to you and yours. oxox, Diane in California

  2. Желаю БОЛЬШОЙ УДАЧИ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your families health problems, human and kitty. I hope everything gets sorted out and they start getting better.
    I have been so ill with flu the past week so have only got one bear done for the show. Life has a nasty habit of getting in the way of work, don't stress about the bears, if you only have a couple for the show that is what happens.
    Look after yourself and I hope you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I keep on telling myself it is there, have to get through the days somehow.

  4. Oh no!!! Too much bad things happens there. I'm so sorry. It's hard time for you all. Take care!


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