Sunday, June 6, 2010

~~~My new blog award~~~

I am delighted to announce I have been given a blog award by two wonderful bear artist bloggers, and This is an award to inspire from the inspired. Thank you both soooo much and I'm glad and humbled that my bears and friends could inspire you!Please find the time to visit these awesome teddy blogs as their works are incredible.Now for my choice of blogs that inspire me,(1)I would pick Kelly from Yesterday's Glitter.Not only does she create wonderful teddy bears with works in progress, she also shares in her daily life of events and writes tell it like it is views of her opinions which I love!This is what inspires me about her,the courage to speak her mind even though some of her readers disagree with her views from time to time.I peek in on her blog with every new post too see whats new!You can also visit her newly re-designed website that turned out so beautiful while visiting her blog(2)Gotta share this by Vivianne.This is the wonderful blog by Vivianne of the precious hug me again bears.She inspires me so much by just looking at photos of her adorable tiny little bears,bunnies and ellies.She also gives me inspiration to finally get busy on getting my own patterns created.Her wonderful patterns and handyed mohair are available in her etsy shop which you can visit directly from her blog.(3)Prims by Kim and other needful things.I love seeing all the new pics of her adorable prim bears,bunnies,elephants,giraffes and other fun animals.The photos of her works are just so charming and whimsical not too mention the beautiful colors of mohair she creates them with.Another thing I love about Kim's blog is she loves to change her blog backgrounds as much as I do hehe~~~I thought I was the only one to do this until I visited her blog on a regular basis.(4)Handcrafted Teddy Bears by Michelle.If you love primitive and old whimsical style teddy bears you will just love visiting her blog.The photos of her bears are just like magazine qualitly.....and cute as pie!Michelle also shares some of her daily events and photos of restored teddy bears which she does along with her bearmaking.(5)Is Jenny loves Benny.Her blog is so pleasing to the eye with beautiful pastel colors that blend in with her beautifil bears and bunnies.She is willing to share ideas on bearmaking and creates the most cutest little patterns that also inspire me to get on the ball and start my own pattern line.You can find her darling little patterns on links to her etsy shop and website from her blog.*****Be sure to visit of these wonderful blogs by visiting their links on the right side of my blog***** Thank you again for thinking of me for this award and I appreciate it very much!I will also be updating with a new post of why I haven't had the chance to post lately.Hugs~~~~Sharie.


  1. Sharie, that's so sweet of you! Thank you!

    Hugs, Kelly

  2. You have very nice and beautiful cats!

    Zhukova Marina

  3. Hi Sharie! congrats on the award! you deserve it!
    happy sunday


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