Friday, April 16, 2010

~~~A bit behind,but new works almost completed!~~~

I was hoping to have the new gang completed and listed this week,but some things came up that put me behind schedual once again.The good news is that the new bears&friends are almost completed!They have been through quite a transformation and I can't wait to share the before and after photos.(I have posted another before pic above)I will also be posting the photos of a pink tabby kitty who didn't get her picture taken with the gang.I have been thinking of offering my new works on ebay instead of my usual etsy shop update to give everyone a chance to bid if they would care to.I haven't listed on ebay since December due to that crazy paypal hold I was placed on.I have to admit that made me a bit afraid of using ebay.Another problem with using ebay is the new fees that force users to open a store(or pay outragous fees!)and then get lost in the thousands of listings due to all items from ebay stores being in the core listings.It is very easy to be buried quickly!So,I will decide and be back soon with the finished gang and where they will be available for adoption.Hugs!~~~~~Sharie


  1. Wow so sweet, my compliments...

    x Coby

  2. a pink tabby cat???? I'm glad I found your blog.. Now I can keep up better with your darling creations! Its been a crazy couple of weeks for me, so its a breath of fresh air to pop over and see such sweetness! makes me smile!
    have a great weekend

  3. I love all of them... especially all the meow meow!



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