Friday, May 10, 2019

It's been awhile since I had the chance to get any new bears and friends listed but I am happy to share the gang who is now available for adoption.You can visit them all in my etsy shop  and soon on my ebay listings

Friday, March 15, 2019

March update of bears kitty cats and Antique Style teddy bear

Here is the gang for their new March update:) Many were adopted and many are still available in my Big Cartel web shop and on ebay. Just follow the links to the right on my blog if you would like to visit them xxxx Thanks so much~Sharie

Sharing past February updates of bears and friends

Hello everyone,its been quite awhile since I had the chance to post here on my blog but things have been so busy at times it makes  my head spin!My Grandson had so many school events,art projects,school play then parent teacher conferences to go the time just flew by.Top that off with everyone getting the flu at different times certainly did not help lol. So on to the February update I added many photos of the gang,some new styles and some old.Most were adopted except the dark navy blue/beige panda bear and the green shabby prim felt teddy.They are in my web shop Big Cartel and on ebay if you would like to visit them.Thank you for taking the time to catch up on my blog:)

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Preview of Holiday Update ~Bears kitty cats Gingerbread doll prim snowman and wee ones

Preview of Holiday update:) Featuring Candy Cane Tuxedo Cat,Gingerbread Doll with marshmallow trimmings,prim snowman,folk art black kitties and wee kitty and bears with  tiny Christmas trees.I will be listing them today*~*

Saturday, November 17, 2018

New bears and friends available plus mailing list nightmare

New antique style bears,kitty cats,bunnies and a sweet little dog are all available for adoption:)
I have listed them in three locations : my website
my etsy shop  and the wee one on ebay
This has been one of my most difficult updates that I have ever encountered due to a huge problem with my Bravenet  mailing list subscribers.There is a new DMARC policy in effect for emails that will bounce all emails out and this is what happened to me! All 65 subscribers did not get my update.I resent it the next day through my gmail address but only 9 were allowed to go through.Today I went through every subscribers email address and added them all to my contacts.I will try to re-send the update and hope it goes through this time.If you are reading this and are on my mailing list and do not want to receive them anymore,please contact me and I will remove you.So thats it for now and I hope you find time to visit the teddies:)

Thursday, November 15, 2018

November update in my webshop

The gang is finally completed and will be making their debut in my web shop:) I have antique style mohair bears measuring 10 to (steel blue mohair bear)12 inches,a primitive spotted bunny measuring 5 inches,the vintage style gray tabby kitty measuring 5.5 inches and the wee 4 inch bunny,kitty and dog. You can find the in my web shop here: Hope you like them xxxx Sharie

It's been awhile since I had the chance to get any new bears and friends listed but I am happy to share the gang who...